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PT Got Spunk What’s with the Name?



Spunk means guts, bravery, daring. Dare to be spunky.

Remember going to a seminar?

Everyone is subdued. A serious tone of professionalism hangs in the air. All the speakers are formal, if not a shade nervous facing the massive audience. You look around and you know you are with intelligent people.

Intelligent people, more or less, are just as human as me and you.

Behind that air of professionalism, is a person who scrolls down 9gag.

Behind that medically knowledgeable person, is a dude who air guitars when he thinks no one is around.

Behind that hero that patients hold in awe of, is a gal who laughs at Big Bang Theory even though she only gets half of what they’re saying.

That person is a PT. That person is me and you.

I’m not saying to throw away the formalities and do the conga (That would have been entertaining, though). I’m just saying Physical Therapy should touch us as human beings –intelligent and feeling.

Imagine this is you, your supervisor and your most uptight professor

Imagine this is you, your supervisor and your most uptight professor

When you surf the net, do you read physical therapy blogs for pleasure? (If you do, contact me. I’ll need you… for research purposes).

No, we surf the net for 9gag, Netflix, Facebook, Tweeter. Entertainment and communication. Your heart’s desire! (And no, I am not talking about that kind of heart’s desire). We’re already burgeoned with too much information, we want knowledge but we net because we want to feel something!

Basically, PT Got Spunk is helpful information disguised as an entertainment PT blog like a drink with a roofie. Or the occasional mystery dish your mom cooked loaded with yummy vegetables that you wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot goniometer.


So Who’s behind the Insanity?


The look your friend gives you when she's about to do something insane.

That look your friend gives you before your life gets far from boring.

Amanda Mamalio is a licensed Physical Therapist and Freelance Writer who insists to be called “Her Awesomeness.” But people assume she’s just joking and calls her by her actual name.

After rediscovering her passion for writing, she saw the need for PTs where they can be themselves.

Because PTs are laypeople too.

So she created an awesome blog with no-holds-barred content complete with cussing.

Bring it on.


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