How to be an Awesome PT even if You know Justin Bieber

By Amanda Mamalio, PTRP

Yup, you've read that correctly.

Yup, you’ve read that correctly.

Be Your Best in Physical Therapy between Hectic Life and the Ever-Evolving Medical Field


We once have a college professor who was one of the top 10 Board Passers.

“In fact, he was so smart,” one of the faculties bragged, “he didn’t know Justin Bieber.”

His focus in Physical Therapy was so intense, so shudderingly tremendous; it cut away all things trivial in his life.

That fact made us regard that professor like a Titan. (The Greek one, not the one that eat humans.)

Hell, I know I’m smart. You know you’re smart. But just because we know who Justin Bieber is, doesn’t mean we can’t also be awesome.

Ready to know How?

So not all of us are top ten Board Passers. Not all of us have read Braddom, let alone Kisner, from cover to cover. In fact, by the time you passed the Boards, you would have forgotten most of it. Unless you continued studying for NSPT.

Imagine a surgeon’s scalpel. Remember how the newest ones cut the smoothest through a cadaver’s flesh?

It’s because it’s sharp. (I’m such a genius, am I not?)

What You Are Doing

What You Are Doing

What You're Actually Thinking

What You’re Actually Thinking








That’s how our minds are like too. You need to renew and renew the contents of your noggin.

In short: Don’t. Stop. Learning.

Attend seminars, of course. But what about the times there are no seminars?

Watcha’ gonna do?

Would a Zombie eat Your Brain?

You come home late from work, dragging your rain-soaked shoes. Traffic was hell and all you care about is getting horizontal.

You stuffed your face, maybe take a shower and plunk down on your bed with your Wifi on.

And do you browse in Medscape or MedicalNewsToday for the latest info on Physical Therapy?

No, you browse through 9gag, snorting at ridiculous but relatable memes. Or you go to Piratebay and see if the latest episode of Game of Thrones is available.

At the end of the day, did you learn anything new? (Learning that your patient has a new gadget doesn’t count.)

Physical Therapy is ever-evolving and it’s up to ourselves to keep up with it.

Ask yourself, would a zombie find your brain meaty and satisfying at the end of the day?

brain burger

Would Your Brain be this Beefed Up with Knowledge?

Help Me Help You

I didn’t create this blog to sound smart.

I created this blog to help you.

Make you laugh while you learn something helpful that will benefit your career and your patient.

After all, humor is the sugar that makes the medicine go down. (Get it? If you haven’t watched Mary Poppins, never mind.)

What keeps you awake at night regarding Physical Therapy?

What problems are you facing as a PT that you want to know the solutions for?

What do you want to know more about?

If you haven’t answered the 2-minute survey in my last post, speak up now.



Want something as awesome as this in your website? Let me help you.


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